GALLERIA COLOSSI ARTE CONTEMPORANEAfrom 15th sept. to 28th oct. 2018 / extended to 22th nov. 2018

The Galleria Colossi Arte Contemporanea ( is opening its autumn season with the solo exhibition dedicated to the Milanese artist Daniela Forcella, entitled Luoghi dell'anima. It will feature a broad selection of works, painting a comprehensive picture of the way in which this artist’s style has developed, with the symbolic shape of the heart, pulsating with life, employed as a universally recognisable icon around which her art revolves. The monograph In Viaggio, edited by Lavinia Algeri and published by Industrie Grafiche Peruzzo, will be available from the gallery during the exhibition.

Brescia (IT), Corsia del Gambero 16. Opening : saturday 15th September 4,30 p.m.


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In this work the artist introduces writing as a narrative signal, experimenting with something totally new in contrast to her previous works. This is a gesture that reveals a greater desire to focus her attention more carefully on the central root of human feeling.  This also represents the provocative choice to leave her mark with a closed concept that, in a few lines of text, finds its complete meaning through a lexicon and a language directly attributable to the literary style of late nineteenth century storytelling. "Rooms of love" unveils the fantastical power of the imagination, which is used as a unique tool as it transforms the comments made, by a few unsuspecting guests of an imaginary cosmopolitan luxury hotel, into a careful study of human feelings. This becomes an ideal place to steal glances, make gestures and utter precious words on which each unique story can be constructed, and its characters and nuances created. In true identikit-style it marks out the perimeters and boundaries of each liaison, and ultimately a room in which the story is set.



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The prologue to the initiating journey of the "Cartografie" series, depicted in "A Memoria", continues along its course with "Frames".

Here, four single fragmented areas are defined and contained within a 'still image' that, as with the best filmography, tells its story in a single frame.
These area snapshots are entirely designated by an almost dazzling white, where the solitude of the throbbing red human figure, in its allegorical power, appears to stand out to us even more.
While keeping the structure of the story intact, the change of scale is the theme on which the artist is working to produce the subsequent pieces that complete the entire series.

After all, the journey has only just begun, and Frames is just one of the many stages of a journey that, according to the artist, still has many surprises in store for us.